Façade do a mayor contribution to the esthetics and technical performance of buildings.   

Façade engineering plays a key role during the design stage, identifying and determining important issues like:    

  Methods to improve daylighting, thermal and acoustical performance.  

  Appropriate structural resistance and water infiltration performance levels.

  Different systems and materials.                                                                    

  Fabricators and installers selection.                                                               

  Costs Analysis


About us

Estudio Marshall & Associates is a consulting company specialized in curtain wall design and engineering; we also develop glass roofs, special structures, glass projects, and enclosure projects designs as well.


Estudio Marshall & Associates provides these services through one or more of the following ways:      

  Helping the architects becoming part of their design team.     

  As independent design consultants in specific subjects.            

  As independent consultants performing Quality control activities either shop or at the jobsite.                      

  As field inspector, performing infrared imaging, field testing, and surveys.   

  Eye witnessing different cladding pathologies, and proposing remedy actions.

  As speakers in different seminars, courses and academic activities.

  Providing shop and fabrication drawings, extrusion die drawings.


Estudio Marshall & Associates is an absolutely independent company and has no commercial relationship with any supplier or installer.

Estudio Marshall & Associates is an active member of several IRAM standards committees related to curtain walls, windows and glass.

Estudio Marshall & Associates is member of the center for window and cladding technology (CWCT).

Estudio Marshall & Associates with head office in Buenos Aires, Argentina and a branch in Madrid, Spain, works for architects and owners in America and Europe.


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